Odette Wildthorn

Surrounded by an icy, ethereal glow, this Aasimar Oracle is Winter personified


“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”


Born in the icy mountains of Earthrealm, Odette was raised to find comfort in bitter cold winds and snow. She was born to two seemingly human parents who had found refuge in the outskirts of society after being chased away from their rural home by bandits. They stayed for a while, managing to make a home within a deep cave that the snow had hidden away from prying eyes.

Odette showed signs of being something more from birth, celestial presence clear from her silver white hair and skin and her pale blue eyes. It wasn’t until she was 14, just after her parents met their tragic end, that she began to wield new powers, ones that she barely understood.

She left her home at 16, joining society for the first time in search for people and places that she could help. She was an adventurer, drawn in by injustice and suffering.

Odette met her tragic end at the hands of Archaon, who murdered her in cold blood and flung her body to the bottom of Ironbreaker Mountain.

Odette Wildthorn

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