Nemeroth Blueflame

Black, sliver and blue robes flow over plates of dark steel, a hood and mask hide this towering man's face and arcane lighting arcs over his body.The air around him is charged with power.


“A powerful Fighter can strike the head from a fully grown Giant. That is impressive, but it is not power. A Sorcerer can bend the fabric of the universe so that the Giant never existed in the first place. That is true power.”

“If Rhaenik was as good at fighting as he is at being a bitch, he might actually be useful.”

“Shut up Hunter.”
Shut up Rhaenik."


No-one knows the true origins of the sorcerer called Blueflame, and when asked he either deflects the subject or simply refuses to answer. A gifted sorcerer when he arrived in Geldergreen with his lifetime friend Hunter, Blueflame’s power has increased exponentially since receiving his Lord Soul.

He gets on with the other members of the party, maintaining a close relationship with Hunter and is amicable with most others, only becoming annoyed when they act rashly or don’t act act at all. The exception to this is Rhaenik, who Blueflame finds petulant, childish and all together generally dislikes.

Recently Blueflame has built a fleet with a number of large crews at his disposal and has the beginnings of a small army in his following alongside a number of powerful individuals including Ilvaria Stormsword who pledged herself to Blueflame’s service after he bested her in battle twice.

Nemeroth Blueflame

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