Drakwald Deepwoods I: Death in the Deepwoods

Summary: Session 5

The party is informed of unusual magical activity...

  • Party arrived at Geldergreen, were met by a group of Hellknights and their leader, Arden Doomblade.
  • Taken to the Mayor's office and questioned about the tower. When the book is mentioned, Arden nods to a colleague and has the journal brought in. He informs the party that the book is written in an unknown code that none of their scholars can decipher.
  • He informed the party that they may take the book to Altan once it had been copied, and on the condition that they obtained a translation. Blueflame convinced Arden to give them the book to get a copy made of and translated. 
  • The party was required to travel to the ruins of Marble Canyon, as scouts had reported unusual magical activity there.
  • They encountered protective Treants and Dryads, and persuaded them to let the party through the forest. That night, they were ambushed by a group of male Driders.
  • The next day, the party fought a hive of Assassin bugs, and were ambushed by a giant Corpse Lotus. During the night, they were attacked by wood and stone Golems.
  • The third day, the party was attacked by two Earth elementals. They levelled to 11th.
  • Following this, Blueflame decided to scry and teleport the party straight to the ruins.
  • There, they encountered two young silver dragons, who stood aside to allow the party to fight their parent.
  • They defeated the adult silver dragon, and Konstance was granted the Lord Soul of Noble Dragons, hearing the voice of Dracothian in her head.
  • The party levelled to 12th and returned to Geldergreen for two weeks of downtime.



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