Drakwald Deepwoods I: Death in the Deepwoods

Summary: Session 3

Pre-GM change, the third Deepwoods session.

  • On their way back from the temple, Vinland approached with news of a letter from his brother and asked the party to go to Ironbreaker Mountain.
  • Odette kept seeing the Drow assassin, and began to go somewhat insane. Whilst travelling to the mountain, she dissociated at night and killed two guards and a party of peasants.
  • Party reached the mountain, climbed it and levelled to 7th. They found Vinland's brothers body and the Dwarven forging salts, then came to a chamber with a tomb, a Drow Cleric, and a Paladin who cried for the party to break the amulet the Cleric was wearing. Odette shattered it and the Paladin revealed himself to be the Drow assassin, who was in fact a demon. Shattering the amulet allowed an ancient being to be freed from his tomb. All but Odette fled, and she was murdered to send a message, and her body flung down the mountain after the party.
  • A great obsidian fortress sprang from the mountain, and on the far side of the Deepwoods, a strange tower appeared.



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