Drakwald Deepwoods I: Death in the Deepwoods

Summary: Session 2

Pre-GM change, the second Deepwoods session.

  • Party encountered two huge ice wolves. Paisley and Konstance started to fight, but Odette and Rhaenik were able to Diplomacy the party out of the situation in exchange for bringing goblins to feed the pack. Encountered goblins, brought some back then made camp.
  • Ambushed by goblins in the night, used all spells, Paisley was knocked unconscious so Rhaenik hid her in a tree before the party went to find Amelia.
  • They found goblins handing Amelia over to a group of Drow assassins.
  • Konstance and Odette fought and were knocked out, and Rhaenik managed to talk his way into escaping with them both. On their way back, they encountered the wolves and offered their horses as food.
  • On arrival back at the merchants house, Rhaenik informed him of where and by whom Amelia was taken, and the merchant followed, later returning with his daughter. He embraced and thanked Rhaenik, and invited the party on a celebratory boar hunt.
  • After the hunt, the merchant was assassinated by a Drow, around Odette when she tried to stand in the way. The Drow went on to kill every member of the household, including the children, but left Amelia alive in the nursery. Paisley carried her to the temple.



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