Drakwald Deepwoods I: Death in the Deepwoods

Session 1

Pre-GM change, the first Deepwoods session.

  • Odette, Paisley, Rhaenik and Konstance arrive in Geldergreen after recieving the Mayor's letter. After agreeing contracts, the group begin preparations.
  • Rhaenik informs the group that goblins are partial to rotten meat, so Paisley obtained that from the local Orc butcher, a retired warrior who informed her that in his experience goblins are afraid of horses.
  • Rhaenik intimidated a local alchemist into providing him with illegal Drow sleeping poison, and was engaged by a goblin when he went to collect it. He killed it. The party spent the night in the city Temple and met Akelleon, Lord Commander of the Paladin Order of the Silver Tower.
  • Paisley approached the Dwarven blacksmith, Vinland, before they left to see if they could help in any way. He mentioned forging salts and his brother.
  • The party set off following the goblin trail. Encountered some, then continued to follow the trail until they reached a cliff clearing with a large created thorny 'hive' built off the edge. Set meat on branches and waited for nightfall. Goblins come out and all fight (Rhaenik falls out of a tree), party wins. Go into the hive, instantly charge the largest goblin. It kills Odette, but the rest of the party manage to defeat it and the remaining goblins flee.
  • Party returned to Geldergreen to resurrect Odette.
  • They collect payment, and are drawn to a commotion at one of the merchants houses. His daughter, Amelia, was taken by goblins and he sends the party to retrieve her.



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