Drakwald Deepwoods I: Death in the Deepwoods

Two Weeks Downtime turned into Twelve.
Relationships blossom, but secrets are kept.
  • For unknown reasons, Konstance left the party.
  • Hunter and Rhaenik's relationship grew, with the pair spending more and more time together
  • They were attacked by a wild cat in the forest one day, and the fear for eachother's safety led them to admitting their love for one another.
  • Akelleon found out about this romance, and gave Hunter an ultimatum – Atone in the Temple, or turn his back on his vows and Order.
  • Hunter chose to leave the Order of the Silver Tower, and retrained his levels in fighter.
  • Paisley contacted Rhaenick with a request to meet and discuss terms of her assistance.
  • She offered Rhaenik power, and the assistance of the Church of Asmodeus. In return, Rhaenick would be required to go on missions and gather information and resources on behalf of the Church. She gifted him a Ring of Mind Shielding as a gesture of good faith.
  • Blueflame summoned and bound an Akhana Aeon. Went on a date, destroyed a fishing village (classic Blueflame).
  • Hunter volunteered at a soup kitchen, and Rhaenick helped a struggling elderly lady.
  • Blueflame spent time researching spells and other magics.
Summary: Session 5
The party is informed of unusual magical activity...
  • Party arrived at Geldergreen, were met by a group of Hellknights and their leader, Arden Doomblade.
  • Taken to the Mayor's office and questioned about the tower. When the book is mentioned, Arden nods to a colleague and has the journal brought in. He informs the party that the book is written in an unknown code that none of their scholars can decipher.
  • He informed the party that they may take the book to Altan once it had been copied, and on the condition that they obtained a translation. Blueflame convinced Arden to give them the book to get a copy made of and translated. 
  • The party was required to travel to the ruins of Marble Canyon, as scouts had reported unusual magical activity there.
  • They encountered protective Treants and Dryads, and persuaded them to let the party through the forest. That night, they were ambushed by a group of male Driders.
  • The next day, the party fought a hive of Assassin bugs, and were ambushed by a giant Corpse Lotus. During the night, they were attacked by wood and stone Golems.
  • The third day, the party was attacked by two Earth elementals. They levelled to 11th.
  • Following this, Blueflame decided to scry and teleport the party straight to the ruins.
  • There, they encountered two young silver dragons, who stood aside to allow the party to fight their parent.
  • They defeated the adult silver dragon, and Konstance was granted the Lord Soul of Noble Dragons, hearing the voice of Dracothian in her head.
  • The party levelled to 12th and returned to Geldergreen for two weeks of downtime.
Summary: Session 4
The party grows, and investigates the strange tower.
  • Party arrived back at Geldergreen without Odette. Paisley told the others that she was leaving, due to something 'Frank' told her. They go and drink.
  • Later in the evening, Blueflame and Hunter arrive at the tavern and find the group. Hunter informs them that they have been summoned to the Mayor's office at dawn. They enjoy their night.
  • The next day, the Mayor informs them that Akelleon has placed the city under martial law, and they have been tasked with investigating the tower.
  • On the first day of travelling, the party was ambushed by a group of basidironds, followed by shambling mounds acting oddly hostile. They encounter a small flock of leshy's, which Blueflame convinced to let them pass. They later encountered and defeated a party of bugbears, goblins, and goblin dogs.
  • On the second day, the party encountered a dying Ankylosaurus and the pack of Deinonychus that were hunting it. They defeated the pack and took skin and meat from the dinosaurs.
  • Blueflame communed with his god, and was given new knowledge.
  • The party arrived at the tower and met Altan, who told them about the being Archaon and the existence of powerful Lord Souls. He asked them to retrieve a journal for him, then told them that there were answers in the tower and they must go down.
  • The party battled a group of powerful Air elementals.
  • Blueflame was drawn to a chest on the altar that the greater Air elemental was guarding. Inside was a petrified dragon egg. When he touched it, he was consumed by crackling electricity, and gained the Lord Soul of Evil Dragons.
  • The party travelled back to Geldergreen and found Hellknights at the city gates.
  • Party levelled to 10th.
Summary: Session 3
Pre-GM change, the third Deepwoods session.
  • On their way back from the temple, Vinland approached with news of a letter from his brother and asked the party to go to Ironbreaker Mountain.
  • Odette kept seeing the Drow assassin, and began to go somewhat insane. Whilst travelling to the mountain, she dissociated at night and killed two guards and a party of peasants.
  • Party reached the mountain, climbed it and levelled to 7th. They found Vinland's brothers body and the Dwarven forging salts, then came to a chamber with a tomb, a Drow Cleric, and a Paladin who cried for the party to break the amulet the Cleric was wearing. Odette shattered it and the Paladin revealed himself to be the Drow assassin, who was in fact a demon. Shattering the amulet allowed an ancient being to be freed from his tomb. All but Odette fled, and she was murdered to send a message, and her body flung down the mountain after the party.
  • A great obsidian fortress sprang from the mountain, and on the far side of the Deepwoods, a strange tower appeared.
Summary: Session 2
Pre-GM change, the second Deepwoods session.
  • Party encountered two huge ice wolves. Paisley and Konstance started to fight, but Odette and Rhaenik were able to Diplomacy the party out of the situation in exchange for bringing goblins to feed the pack. Encountered goblins, brought some back then made camp.
  • Ambushed by goblins in the night, used all spells, Paisley was knocked unconscious so Rhaenik hid her in a tree before the party went to find Amelia.
  • They found goblins handing Amelia over to a group of Drow assassins.
  • Konstance and Odette fought and were knocked out, and Rhaenik managed to talk his way into escaping with them both. On their way back, they encountered the wolves and offered their horses as food.
  • On arrival back at the merchants house, Rhaenik informed him of where and by whom Amelia was taken, and the merchant followed, later returning with his daughter. He embraced and thanked Rhaenik, and invited the party on a celebratory boar hunt.
  • After the hunt, the merchant was assassinated by a Drow, around Odette when she tried to stand in the way. The Drow went on to kill every member of the household, including the children, but left Amelia alive in the nursery. Paisley carried her to the temple.
Session 1
Pre-GM change, the first Deepwoods session.
  • Odette, Paisley, Rhaenik and Konstance arrive in Geldergreen after recieving the Mayor's letter. After agreeing contracts, the group begin preparations.
  • Rhaenik informs the group that goblins are partial to rotten meat, so Paisley obtained that from the local Orc butcher, a retired warrior who informed her that in his experience goblins are afraid of horses.
  • Rhaenik intimidated a local alchemist into providing him with illegal Drow sleeping poison, and was engaged by a goblin when he went to collect it. He killed it. The party spent the night in the city Temple and met Akelleon, Lord Commander of the Paladin Order of the Silver Tower.
  • Paisley approached the Dwarven blacksmith, Vinland, before they left to see if they could help in any way. He mentioned forging salts and his brother.
  • The party set off following the goblin trail. Encountered some, then continued to follow the trail until they reached a cliff clearing with a large created thorny 'hive' built off the edge. Set meat on branches and waited for nightfall. Goblins come out and all fight (Rhaenik falls out of a tree), party wins. Go into the hive, instantly charge the largest goblin. It kills Odette, but the rest of the party manage to defeat it and the remaining goblins flee.
  • Party returned to Geldergreen to resurrect Odette.
  • They collect payment, and are drawn to a commotion at one of the merchants houses. His daughter, Amelia, was taken by goblins and he sends the party to retrieve her.

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