You are a group of adventurers who have come to the city of Geldergreen, sitting on the outskirts of the massive Drakwald Deepwoods, more commonly known as 'The Deepwoods'. There has been a letter sent out by the Mayor of Geldergreen, asking for assistance from willing adventurers in destroying a group of pesky goblins who have been assaulting supply and trade carts from other cities into and out of Geldergreen.

This, some say, is not the real probem for those that dwell in the Deepwoods. The Elves of the forest, who have long kept hawkish eyes trained over the woods, have fallen silent. An ancient and powerful magic permeates the very ground of the Deepwoods, and scholars cannot identify its source.

The Dwarves of Ironbreaker Mountain have been forced from their home by the powerful Drow forces of Lord Vraesque Melidor, and have taken up residence in a refugee camp within the city.

There is something very wrong in the Deepwoods, and it reeks of Death.

Drakwald Deepwoods I: Death in the Deepwoods

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